Happy, Fulfilled Clients

A few examples of what people are saying:

"Alex connected with my dad and grandfather from heaven and the experience will stay with me the rest of my life. Then finding out a few months later that she mentors very intuitive people, I finally had my prayers answered. knowing my dad brought Alex and I together to start my journey and having Alex to support my process has been a dream come true. Alex is so patient and answers your questions in a positive loving way. She is my mentor and an angel that has guided me on this path to open up my abilities and be able to share them with others to give them a loving reading or connect them to a past loved one. If you get a chance to meet Alex, you will have a reading experience filled with love and loving messages and leave you feeling so happy. She will leave a lasting impression."

"Many people out there feel trepidation about going to see a psychic. They don’t know what they’re in for and it can be intimidating and daunting. The second you walk into a room with Alex, all your fears and reluctance dissipate. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend. You can laugh and you can cry and it’s all ok because you know you’re in the presence of someone who understands you even though she’s just met you. Her talent is remarkable and her delivery is exceptional. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to sing her praises and send people her way any chance I get."

"I feel privileged to have come in contact with Alex. She is such a comforting and supportive presence. I’m not a person that easily opens up but I had no hesitation with Alex. You can talk with her about anything without fear or judgement. Her insights and guidance are always on point. I feel a strong connection to the divine when I’m with her. It’s obvious that she was called to do this work."

"Alex is amazing. I have referred all of my friends and family to her, and consider her a mentor! She is always spot on and accurate in her readings. She has a great energy and enthusiasm in her readings over the phone. She is easy to talk to and puts everyone at ease, making them comfortable with the reading."

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